Welcome to the APIC Online Panel for Market Research

APIC Panel

Thank you for opting in. Please complete this 6-minute profile survey to sign up for the APIC Online Panel. We will contact you via email to let you know when you have been admitted into the panel.

It is very important to accurately complete the profile survey as this will provide vital information toward populating a group of respondents (creating the panel) for a market research survey.

APIC Panel Program Description:

The APIC Panel program utilizes APIC members’ expertise on specific infection prevention-related topics for survey samples and market research initiated by affiliated healthcare companies.


What to expect after completing the profile survey:

  • Watch your e-mail for invitations to complete online surveys. Each e-mail invitation will provide a brief summary of the research being conducted and indicate the level of compensation being offered to those who qualify.

  • If you choose to participate, follow the link that is included in the e-mail. Upon completion of the survey, your participation will be recorded.

  • A few days later you will receive an e-mail notification with compensation details.

APIC Panel Program Mechanics:

  • When you opt-in, you become part of a larger pool of members who have agreed to receive requests to participate in online surveys as and when these become available

  • Opting in does not guarantee participation in an actual survey, which will depend on the suitability and relevance of the survey topic to your experience and expertise

  • You may choose to opt-out at any point.

  • Average completion time is 15-30 minutes; some surveys may take longer

  • Respondents who complete a survey will be paid an honorarium; honorarium is based on number of questions to be answered.

  • Your contact information remains confidential and will not be shared with research sponsors.

  • This data will be used for research purposes only.

  • There is no cost to you for your participation

  • Participant honoraria typically start at $50 per completed survey.

  • Participation in the APIC Panel program is a member benefit. Any lapsed and non-members who inadvertently complete surveys will not receive the honoraria.

You may receive survey invitations from other groups. The APIC Panel, in association with the independent research firm Peer Panels, is the only survey program authorized by APIC.

APIC has not shared its mailing list: this initial invitation comes to you directly from APIC. You make the decision for further involvement in this program.

For more information, please contact Justin Ethington at justine@peer-panels.com.